DOGTOWN KENNELS. 8665 Harrison Street, Sandy, Utah

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Tim and Natasha

(Team Leader)

Tim and Natasha moved from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City because we were given the great opportunity to help lead DogTown. Along with us came our four rescue dogs; Biggie (chihuaha), Kyro (Border Collie mix), Bosco (Golden Retriever mix), and Brody (Labrador mix).

In Los Angeles, Tim had his own dog walking, training, and boarding business – Buddy Walk. Tim has a special touch with rescue dogs, and was able to help Brody (his first rescue dog) become a calm and sweet boy. We are so proud of him!

Natasha had her pilates and yoga business (specializing in rehabilitation), and also worked with the Pranic Healing community. She loves creating activities for dogs, as well as building confidence and giving special care to timid and anxious dogs. Natasha is planning on incorporating Pranic Healing and other gentle methods in helping dogs heal and thrive.