DOGTOWN KENNELS. 8665 Harrison Street, Sandy, Utah

our mission is to be the most innovative and trusted dog daycare and boarding provider in the industry

Want To Join Our Pack?




We are thrilled that you found us!

Do you have a dog who barks a lot at home? Chews up your shoes? Your couch? Especially when you are at work?

We can help you with that. Here at Dogtown, we have a saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog”. Dogtown daycare dogs run and play all day, with other dogs and our staff. They are entertained and engaged! When they come home with you, they will be happy cuddle with you and rest.

We also offer doggie boarding. If you need to go away for a vacation, we are happy to take care of your pet. We believe that, besides your home, we offer the best place for your dog. We all truly love and adore dogs, and are prepared to go the “extra mile” in order to make your dog feel comfortable.

Our eligibility requirements for both Daycare and Boarding are:

  • Must be at least four months old and have all the vaccinations
  • If older than seven months, the puppy must have been spayed / neutered
  • We require the following vaccinations: Bordatella (every 6 months), Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, and K9 Influenza (please send us a copy of your vaccinations or bring a copy with you)
  • Must pass the DogTown temperament test
  • Must be in good general health

We are very protective of our “pack” and want to keep all the dogs safe here at Dogtown. Consider the Temperament Test a day of free daycare. We will pay special attention to your dog during his/hers first visit, in order to make sure that your dog feels comfortable and safe here with us.